The Troll (gregortroll) wrote,
The Troll

Mooninities--How Sad-How Scary!

I didn't know when I wrote this that, at the same time as the toys were being discovered, that actual bomb-like fake pipe-bombs were also being reported/discovered, confusing the whole things. Also, I didn't know that the guys who put up the toys learned that folks were freaking out, and choose to obey their corporate bosses and *not* tell the authorities about the media campaign. Of course, now the corporation has bought itself forgiveness with a $2 million check, while leaving its two hired-schmucks (who obviously thought they would be shielded from consequences by the corporation) to the annoyed whims of the annoyed federal, state, and municipal governments. Suckers.

How sad and scary is it that Boston Bomb Squad personnel can't tell the difference between a toy and a bomb?

We're not even talking about something with an enclosure, or a stuffed animal. We're talking about a flat circuit board with a bunch of LED's, some batteries, and some very simple electronics components (ie power-supply stuff).

How could you, in good conscience, *REMOVE* such a device, without first determining if moving it will detonate it? And how could you, unless you are a complete dufus, examine one of these things and still think that it's anything dangerous?

People in other cities found them, took them down, and collected them!

Boston's emergency response teams are going to be the butt of well-deserved jokes for quite a while.
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