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Monday, July 14th, 2008
8:25 pm - pennsic panic
Anyone need a travelling companion for the drive to Pennsic?

Having decided last year to finally return to the Pennsic War this year, after 7 years away, I totally flaked on prepping, didn't pre_reg, didn't think about only having one car, been pretty absent from my sca friends, now it's two weeks away, and I'm scrambling to find a friend (or stranger) to hitch a ride with/drive for.

I can get a ride to anywhere within about 2 hours of trenton on fri, sat, or sunday. I only have a large suitcase to bring.


current mood: hopeful

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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
10:07 am - Six Apart Sells LiveJournal to Russian Media Company
So I wonder if that's why they actually added all these new ridiculous content screening "features"


Apparently it's a marketing company--so you can now expect all your LJ personal information to be sold, or otherwise used for marketing purposes? Or are they just excited about the advert revenue LJ users will generate for them?

current mood: suspicious

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Thursday, May 24th, 2007
12:49 am - Anita Stake, Vampire Executioner
Anita Stake: i am a deadly vampire executioner
Jean-Claude: i am the master vampire of the city! vlah!
AS: we are natural enemies! i will kill you!
JC: i know! let's have sex!
- - -
JC: come to my lair, meet my evil vampire buddies!
AS: no! they will try to kill me!
JC: i love you! i will protect you!
AS: i hate you! OK
AS: and i am wearing my silver cross to protect me, too!
- - -
AS: here we are!
JC: oh yeah, you should leave your silver cross outside.
AS: its the only thing keeping your evil buddies from trying to kill me.
JC: That's true.
- - -
JC: well, here we are in my lair.
AS: Lets have sex. (we are enemies, I will kill you later)
- - -
JC: Well, here are my evil vampire buddies.
Evil vampire buddies: hey.
AS: Hey.
EVB: now, we kill your girl friend!
AS: !
JC: whatever.
AS: !!
EVB: (menance!)
AS: !!!
JC: (files nails)
AS: !!!!
EVB: (menance! shove!)
AS: !!!!!
JC: (whistles tunelessly)
AS: ok, that's IT! now, i am killing you!
EVB: argh! we know! (die)
JC: (checks email)
AS: why did you let them do that?
JC: you're sexy when you are angry.
AS: !!
JC: lets have sex!
- - -
AS: This will never work!
JC: I know!
AS: I can't live like this!
JC: Me neither!
AS: Lets kill ourselves!
AS: You first.
JC: OK. (dies)
AS: sucker.
- - -

current mood: silly

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
11:20 pm - All of You
I love you (you are my sunshine)
I love ewe (an unnatural attraction)
I love hue (a fondness for color)
I love Hugh (Wolverine!)
Aisle of Ewe (the sheep store)
Aisle of Few (not much selection)
Aisle of You (a row of clones)
Aisle of Juice (have a drink)
all of hue (every color)
all of Hugh (not part of him)
all of you (not some of you)
all, a few (however many)
all, of ewe (every sheep has a sheep for a mother)
Allah Few (the chosen ones)
Allah view (a religious experience)
Isle of Ewe (where sheep go on vacation)
Isle of Few (the toll of cannibalism)
Isle of Hew (where lumberjacks go on vacation)
Isle of Hue (tropical spendor)
Isle of Hugh (where WOLVERINE! goes on vacation)
Isle of View (go for the scenery)
Isle of Juice (Not a desert isle)
Isle of Jews (Manhattan)
olive ewe (a military sheep)
olive ewe two (its clone)
olive hue (a green color)
olive Hugh (Wolverine, in that old army jacket)
olive jew (in the Israeli military)
olive juice (a salty swill)
olive view (a green tinted window)

current mood: silly

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
12:57 pm - Irony: Its all in the wrist.
My cat likes -- no, demands -- to sit on my lap while I work on my laptop. This means he is actually sitting on my forearms. Of course, this somewhat limits my range of motion, and puts some extra strain on my arms and wrists--and yet, his body heat is rather soothing.

He's like a giant 12 pound hot compress that cures carpel tunnel pain, even as it causes carpel tunnel pain.

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Friday, February 2nd, 2007
11:51 am - Mooninities--How Sad-How Scary!
I didn't know when I wrote this that, at the same time as the toys were being discovered, that actual bomb-like fake pipe-bombs were also being reported/discovered, confusing the whole things. Also, I didn't know that the guys who put up the toys learned that folks were freaking out, and choose to obey their corporate bosses and *not* tell the authorities about the media campaign. Of course, now the corporation has bought itself forgiveness with a $2 million check, while leaving its two hired-schmucks (who obviously thought they would be shielded from consequences by the corporation) to the annoyed whims of the annoyed federal, state, and municipal governments. Suckers.

How sad and scary is it that Boston Bomb Squad personnel can't tell the difference between a toy and a bomb?

We're not even talking about something with an enclosure, or a stuffed animal. We're talking about a flat circuit board with a bunch of LED's, some batteries, and some very simple electronics components (ie power-supply stuff).

How could you, in good conscience, *REMOVE* such a device, without first determining if moving it will detonate it? And how could you, unless you are a complete dufus, examine one of these things and still think that it's anything dangerous?

People in other cities found them, took them down, and collected them!

Boston's emergency response teams are going to be the butt of well-deserved jokes for quite a while.

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
2:45 pm - Cops: Man killed by police had ransacked city offices
I was one block from it when this went down:


I left Shampoo (Dracula's Ball) just before 2 AM, and called Raaven to let here know I was on my way home (that way my body only has to lie in a ditch for a short time before someone comes looking for it). I walked down 8th to Market St to catch the "Night-Owl" shuttle bus that takes over for the subway after 11PM. As I approached Market, I saw a few police cars zoom by, lights and sirens full on, one even came down 8th. Then more police cars, one after another, zooming by and stopping one block away, at 9th and Market streets. Even a big SUV sort-of thing.

I stood there at the corner for a moment, wondering what was going on. A couple of of Septa workers and construction workers working downstairs in the El station came up to see what all the sirens were about. The view wasn't good, there was a lot of cop cars, lights flashing, clustered around the end of the street.

So, there we are, standing on the corner of 8th and Market, gawking east toward the multitude of flashing lights at 9th and speculating, when >pop-p-p-p-pop-p-pop!< A long burst of overlapping gunshots! By the time I even thought to duck for cover, it was over. No stray bullets, thankfully! There were at least 5 shots, but could have been as many as 9 or more. After 5 years living in West Philadelphia, hearing all kinds of popping noises, I finally know for sure what a police pistol shot sounds like.

The group reacted! "What was that!" "Shit!" "Damn!" "Somebody just died!" "That was a suicide-by-cop!"

Everyone was a little weirded by it. The general assumption (sight unseen!) seemed to be that there was only one person being shot at, it was a dude, he never fired a shot, was probably unarmed, and the number of shots fired was excessive. A minute later, someone came walking from that direction.

"Dude, what happened?"
"I think they tasered some dude, he didn't go down, so they shot him"
"What'd he do?" "Did he pulla gun?" "Did he have a knife?"
"I couldn't see-I was half a block away"
"That's illegal!" "They never get in trouble"
"It's like 'Rizzo's Rangers[Raiders?]' all over again!"
"I didn't stick around, man... I didn't want to be 'a problem' for them."

Shortly, another fellow arrived from the east.

"Man, they just shot that guy!"
"What happened"
"I saw it all, man, they tasererd him, zap! zap! zap! zap!
"He wouldn't go down
"He threw a bottle or something, they shot him"

Again, the consensus was that this was excessive, that nothing would come of it for the police doing the shooting, and that this was a sign that the Mayor was giving the police a free and rough hand to "clean up" the city.

At that moment, the Night Owl arrived, and I was across the street. I missed it. Crap.

I called Raaven again, first to tell her I was O.K., and second to tell her why I might not have been... what I'd just experienced. It was the closest I'd ever been to violent death. It felt very strange and unnerving.

I'm glad I wasn't the guy that got shot.
I'm glad to know more of the story of what went on that night.

I still think the number of shots was totally excessive. I mean, how dead does a guy need to be? Don't they have "designated shooters" at these things, or is it really just a free-for-all get-your-shots-in-while-you-can gun-fight party?

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
5:18 pm - "Seduction Style" Quiz
I took it because Raaven took it. I'm a follower.
the resultsCollapse )

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Friday, November 17th, 2006
11:33 am - Truth
"You wanna know the real reason nature abhors a vacuum? Because nature is filthy." -- Woot.com, selling vacuum cleaners.

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
4:52 pm - Condom Wimps
Some recent buzz about a new kind of condom packaging that makes putting on a condom "faster and easier" got me thinking:

It's amazing to me what huge wimps some guys are about condoms.

"It's too thick" -- I don't know what brand of socks these guys buy, but mine are so thin that I'm actually a little worried they may rip--of course, they never do. Or, maybe they should try spending a little extra on Inspirals(TM) ( http://www.inspiral.tv ) or that other funny-shaped brand. They really do give that extra little bit of internal friction they might be missing. If they miss the hot and wet, a little bit of lube-in-the-tube brings back that Monsoon in June feeling. What is it with these guys with the nearly-numb cocks that seem to lose all feeling inside a rubber? Maybe they need to masturbate more.

"The delay cools things off too much" -- Delay? DELAY? Where the hell do you keep your shower caps, Dude? In the gun rack of your pickup? At your Granny's house? Holy Fucking Shit! If the guys who say this weren't such sex-hostile misogynists, they'd have a bottle of Liquid Silk and a handful of Rabbit's Best Friend within arm's-length of every possible location where they might *possibly* do it, and a few elsewhere, besides, just in case. Couch side, bed side, in the kitchen silverware drawer for Christ's sake (but NOT next to the pin cushion in the sewing box!).

I know I'm exceptional--and weird--but that means I stash extra Sin Foil Hats under the seats on the subway, like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. I don't expect that level of optimism from everyone. But a few Kinsey Top Hats in the latptop bag isn't optimistic--its just good sense. In a hotel alone with your laptop, webcam and wireless internet? Why look at internet porn when you can BE internet porn? Go get someone from the hotel bar and safe-sex your
way into internet history!

That problem solved, where's the delay? Again, I know I'm exceptional (aren't we all?) and an old hand, but I can keep my partner "involved" with one hand, while with the other I can open a drawer, locate a condom, tear it open with my teeth, apply it and lube, all while flying high my flagpost of love--in under 10 seconds. If I'm really thinking ahead, way less. Usually, my partner isn't even aware that there's been a costume change. Yes, I'm that good. But how much longer can it take? Fifteen seconds? Thirty? And what about making it a game?

Wimps and amateurs.

Maybe I should open a school.

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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
5:47 pm - Raaven's first two articles published on Associated Content!
She is *NOW* officially a "professional writer!"

If you have a moment, please read these articles, and rate them if you wish, and click on some ads, too... The more activity her articles generate, the more she gets paid for subsequent work.

Not besides, they are interesting reading!

More Than 20 Classic Cocktails You Can Make Using Just 5 Kinds of Liquor!

Life with Type 2 Diabetes

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Thursday, June 8th, 2006
7:24 am - War Camp, Ho!
After a two-year hatius, I am definitely planning on going to the East Kingdom War Camp this July!


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Saturday, May 13th, 2006
7:44 am - A really boring picture.
Here is a picture of the front of 3536 S Lowe.

From a friend:
I'm taking part in the craziness that is the U of C scav hunt (http://scavhunt1.uchicago.edu).

Item #284: "Google Images gives no results for 3536 S Lowe. Fix that."

GIS for 3536 S Lowe

I'm such a dork that not only did I know off the top of my head that that's the address of the late Richard J. Daley's family home, but I also already had a picture of it posted.

Thus, we are attempting a googlebombing - we need the term "3536 S Lowe" to link to the URL http://reallyboring.net/chicago/60-bridgeport/l2.jpg in as many places as possible. We have to get that image in the results by Sunday.

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
10:38 am - Toronto
I am in Toronto, at the INTA Annual Meeting / Trade show.. my employer is an exhibitor.. Wow, these trademark people have $$$$-- the receptions and after-parties are top-drawer, catered affairs with open bars, and all the trimmings--last night I went to "Loeb & Loeb Annual Desert Soiree" Faaaan-ceee.

I met a pair of Trade Mark Agents, from a firm in Vancouver. Lots of fun, great conversation. Hopefully, they'll come find me again today... or tonight. Dancing would be good. I've got a yen.

I'll be here until tuesday morning.

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
7:28 pm - The "Lose You Benefits" Bill
The Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act: Women in Every State Will Lose Health Care Benefits

Take action!

Please repost!

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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
9:22 am - Awesome Presents!
My sweetheart raaven, just gave me two of the best presents ever!

"Automata and Mechanical Toys" by Rodney Peppe' and "Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements" by Henry T. Brown.


AaMT shows how to assemble a kit of parts and mechanisms from wood, metal and other materials, a sort of home-made erector-set for prototyping automata, as well as designs and plans for an assortment of specific automata and toys! A material tinkerers dream!

507MM is just that... page after page of detailed, patent-esque drawings of 507 mechanical movements: Gearings, shafts, cams, pistons, etc, just about every possible way of transforming force from one direction to another, converting rotation to reciprocation (and vice versa), and all the rest. OMG! OMG! OMG! <>

The occasion? Nothing! OMG she loves me!

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
5:39 am - Free Coffee at Starbucks Today...(3/15)

Starbucks to Serve More Than a Half-Million Cups of Complimentary Coffee across the U.S. During First-Ever Starbucks Coffee Break

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 2006--More than 70 percent of Americans take at least one coffee break per day(1) and tomorrow, Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq:SBUX - News) wants to treat those Americans to a great cup of coffee. Starbucks will host its first-ever National Coffee Break, inviting customers in for a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee, on March 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. In more than 7,500 stores, partners (employees) will pour tall (12-ounce) cups of coffee for surprised customers and delighted commuters.

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Friday, March 10th, 2006
6:23 am - How the Religious Right Tries to Kill us All
See article by Michael Specter in this week's New Yorker, (not online, but see also interview with him here where the article is dicussed in some depth) in which he discovers that the religious right not only opposes the FDA approval of the HPV vaccine, but is planning to oppose the approval of any future HIV vaccine, because curing cervical cancer and AIDS would "encourage promiscuity." -- (Thanks Lionel)

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
1:07 pm - All of you.
Raaven looked me in the eye, and said, "All of you!"

I said, "All of you? Olive Ewe, a green sheep."

She said, "Olive yew, a strange hybrid tree."

She said, "By the way, what I said was, 'I. Love. You.'"

I said, "Oh!"


SO: Some homophones

Ah, the view!
Olive ewe.
All of you.
Ilya Few.
Isle of Yew.
I love you!

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
11:20 am - In other News...

current mood: rejuvenated

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