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Awesome Presents!

My sweetheart raaven, just gave me two of the best presents ever!

"Automata and Mechanical Toys" by Rodney Peppe' and "Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements" by Henry T. Brown.

AaMT shows how to assemble a kit of parts and mechanisms from wood, metal and other materials, a sort of home-made erector-set for prototyping automata, as well as designs and plans for an assortment of specific automata and toys! A material tinkerers dream!

507MM is just that... page after page of detailed, patent-esque drawings of 507 mechanical movements: Gearings, shafts, cams, pistons, etc, just about every possible way of transforming force from one direction to another, converting rotation to reciprocation (and vice versa), and all the rest. OMG! OMG! OMG! <>

The occasion? Nothing! OMG she loves me!
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