The Troll (gregortroll) wrote,
The Troll

A really boring picture.

Here is a picture of the front of 3536 S Lowe.

From a friend:
I'm taking part in the craziness that is the U of C scav hunt (

Item #284: "Google Images gives no results for 3536 S Lowe. Fix that."

GIS for 3536 S Lowe

I'm such a dork that not only did I know off the top of my head that that's the address of the late Richard J. Daley's family home, but I also already had a picture of it posted.

Thus, we are attempting a googlebombing - we need the term "3536 S Lowe" to link to the URL in as many places as possible. We have to get that image in the results by Sunday.
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