The Troll (gregortroll) wrote,
The Troll

"Seduction Style" Quiz

I took it because Raaven took it. I'm a follower.

--A somewhat unexpected result: if you asked me what I thought I am, I'd have said something else. But then, according to this, that answer would have been a deliberately manipulating lie, anyway. So I guess this is correct. Sorry, folks, I only *seem* like a nice guy--I'm really a lying sleazebag *pretending* to be a nice guy!

Warning: Somewhat annoying, but attractive, Flash-based interface.

It says I need the "sinner's guide": (Can't direct link to the sinner's guide.)
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And your symbol is a harlequin mask! How cool is that??
That *IS* cool. What's more, the mask itself is a "Bautta" mask, decorated in a harlequinn motif. The Bautta was worn not only at carnival, but also as commonly accepted daily disguise wear. At the time, it was becomming popular and socially acceptable (I presume among the upper classes, mostly) to conduct social intercourse without admitting identity or even gender. Of course, the Inquisition and the magistrates didn't care for this loosening of the social order, and the practice was made illegal. To some extent, it still is.

Hah! Now THAT says as much about you as the silly quiz does!! ;)