The Troll (gregortroll) wrote,
The Troll

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All of You

I love you (you are my sunshine)
I love ewe (an unnatural attraction)
I love hue (a fondness for color)
I love Hugh (Wolverine!)
Aisle of Ewe (the sheep store)
Aisle of Few (not much selection)
Aisle of You (a row of clones)
Aisle of Juice (have a drink)
all of hue (every color)
all of Hugh (not part of him)
all of you (not some of you)
all, a few (however many)
all, of ewe (every sheep has a sheep for a mother)
Allah Few (the chosen ones)
Allah view (a religious experience)
Isle of Ewe (where sheep go on vacation)
Isle of Few (the toll of cannibalism)
Isle of Hew (where lumberjacks go on vacation)
Isle of Hue (tropical spendor)
Isle of Hugh (where WOLVERINE! goes on vacation)
Isle of View (go for the scenery)
Isle of Juice (Not a desert isle)
Isle of Jews (Manhattan)
olive ewe (a military sheep)
olive ewe two (its clone)
olive hue (a green color)
olive Hugh (Wolverine, in that old army jacket)
olive jew (in the Israeli military)
olive juice (a salty swill)
olive view (a green tinted window)
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