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The Troll
24 January
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Me in a nutshell: I'm smart, funny, sincere, strong, open-minded, and honest. I'm also occasionally dull-witted, severe, flip, weak, judgemental, and duplicitous.

I am more than I could possibly list here, and less than I claim to be. Infer from the interest list, if you will.

My Best Friend in the Whole World: The marvelous raaven first came briefly into my life in 1986. At that time, I was fascinated by her, though I didn't realize then how much she would come to mean to me. Then we lived our lives off of each other's radar for a long time. Then, 13 years later (I knew I liked that number for a reason!), when both of us were apparently in exactly the right place in our lives for it to work, we connected again. This "anarchist, queer, witch, gourmand, mad-scientist, curmudgeon" has become the light of my life, and I think I shed some light in hers, too.

The usual details: I'm 36; Aquarian; Monkey; 6-foot-1; ~220210! lbs; moderate boozer; non-smoker; no significant recreational drug use, but that's just me; one cat; tall/dark/handsome ; deep brown hair; black-red-blond goatee and mustache, and a friendly, quirky smile. Judge from the pics, yourself.

I expect my friends to be smart, funny, sincere, strong, open-minded, and honest. Age, race, gender, sexuality are pretty unimportant. Good personal hygiene is a plus.

Shall we meet for coffee?